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Exploring Alternative “Ways Forward”

UK Resort Exchange (UKRE) provides owners with a UK Resort Exchange Membership Service. UKRE is independent and enjoys excellent relationships with over 100 UK resorts.   UKRE has access to weeks all over the UK and guarantees a UK week for a UK week between members. Independent advice & help for timeshare, fractional, vacation club, travel discount club & holiday club owners in the UK. The Timeshare Consumer Association Ltd is a “not for profit” company. Any and all profit/ surpluses made by the company will be used by the company to seek specialist advice on behalf of consumers. They will on behalf of consumers investigate any company reported to them to further good practise in the industry, and will collate industry information, carry out investigations and make all our findings available to consumers or those who represent consumers. Their promise is only to consumers, that they will at all times have their interests at heart. The Macdonald Resorts Legal Action Group is formed from members and former memebrs of  clubs that are part of Macdonald Resorts Limited.  The aim is to legally seek compensation  for the loss of their timeshare holidays that was brought about by the changes implemented  by MRL in 2014. Based in Manchester, Athena Solicitors are the legal firm heading the action being mounted by the  MRLAG.  The lead Solicitor, Stephen Boyd, is a Timeshare industry specialist who has won many  cases aginst rogue operators. Links